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Google Play Music All Access

So, beside the name being utterly ridiculous, I've grown quite fond of this service. For a small monthly fee, I have access to a huge catalog of music as well as the ability to add my own previously purchased music (and rarities, such as A Missao Brasil Campinas' "How Beautiful" CD) to my "cloud". Fantastic.

The app for android needs some help, for instance, downloading is pretty terrible. It downloads OK, so long as you aren't listening to any music. When downloading is working, it is very sluggish.

Saturday Chores

Saturday in my family is chore day. Today just happens to be a very slow day. The kids are in a is the "no work trance". The thought is that if they ignore their chores long enough (but make it look like they are doing them) then they will do less chores. Sadly, they spend hours longer doing the same amount of work.

Practice Partner User Group

Thank you for attending my session on Population Managment. Below are links to the presentation and appendix:




BYU and the Big XII

BYU has a great opportunity right now to go to the Big XII, but it seems they will turn down the invitation because they don't want to offend the WCC. I can understand these concerns, especially since they have offended the MWC and WAC in the last ten years. If the contract is more than a one year contract, then I can also understand their concern. However, I don't think the contract is more than a year and I also think the WCC will understand.

I hope BYU accepts the honor and furthers their mission by joining the Big XII.

HP Touchpad

$99 for an HP touchpad? Count me in. That is an amazing deal. I know that webOS is going to be dead, but there will be an android port. In fact, the name is called "TouchDroid". Check it out if you are interested.


Today is my last day of a much needed vacation. I didn't go out and do a lot of amazing things; I stayed home to help get the house in order. Having a new baby makes things very difficult and my dear wife just hasn't been sleeping well.

I'm not ready to go back to work. So many things I needed to do that I just didn't have the time for.

Welcome Gunnar

My dear wife delivered our fifth child, a baby boy, on Friday. He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was two weeks early.

Both are doing well and Annalisa sure is happy to have me home for the weekend. Due to the new ACGME duty hour rules, I had to manage our in-patient list from the recovery room on Friday. She didn't like that at all.


I have recently become a big fan of Oxford University's Center for Evidence Based Medicine, which can be found at As I'm training the new interns, I'm placing an emphasis on EBM in our clinical decision making and it is clear that we don't teach EBM enough in medical school.

Population Management and ACOs/PHOs

As hospital organizations around are moving to organize their ACOs and PHOs, I reflected on population managment today.

EHRs, it seems, weren't built to provide population management. Have we not placed on emphasis on quality of care here in the US? Maybe that is why we rank poorly according to the WHO data (I still have epidemiologic reservations to this data). Regardless, it is fascinating that the product best suited to provide population managment, the EHR, is actually the element that is inhibiting ACOs from developing quality population managment.

Update on Text Messages

I've been very pleased with the changes. The family cell phone bill went from $150 a month to $75 a month, and with very little changes to our daily routine. Now, what to do with the "saved" money...


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